Art Robinson Calls For Abolition Of Public Schools

In Oregon’s 4th congressional district, currently represented by Congressman Peter DeFazio, there are many small, isolated communities where the public schools are the main focus of social life. The schools provide social services for children and parents alike, and bring about a level of activity that keeps people in touch with each other in a way that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Of course, there’s great educational benefit from public schools in these rural communities, many of which have no private alternative other than to have parents try to educate their own children at home instead of working.

For DeFazio’s opponent, Art Robinson, these factors don’t seem to matter much, at least not in comparison to the dictates of abstract libertarian economic theories. Robinson has dismissed public schools as “tax-financed socialism” and urged the abolition of public education.

Representative DeFazio, on the other hand, supports public schools in all the communities of Oregon’s 4th congressional district. DeFazio urges an agenda of community development through education, “do more to invest in our students and schools as states struggle to provide adequate K-12 funding, as well as affordable higher education opportunities. Quality education creates sound building blocks for future generations.”

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on “Art Robinson Calls For Abolition Of Public Schools
One Comment on “Art Robinson Calls For Abolition Of Public Schools
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