Wicker and Vitter Want Government To Pay For BP Oil Spill Damage

Gulf Coast senators Roger Wicker and David Vitter both know that a huge amount of damage has been done to the property and to the livelihoods of Gulf Coast residents. They know where that damage came from as well – it came from companies conducting dangerous offshore drilling for oil.

Nonetheless, when it comes to paying compensation for the damages created by the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling rig and the subsequent record-breaking oil spill that resulted, senators Wicker and Vitter don’t want BP or any other offshore drilling companies to be held fully responsible. That’s why, last week, Wicker and Vitter introduced S. 3934.

S. 3934 is legislation that would make the American people pay compensation to the victims of BP’s Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling disaster. The payments would come in the form of special tax credits to people who have suffered damages as a result of the oil spill. The debt created by that special tax deal, plus the interest on that debt, would then be paid off not by BP, but by American taxpayers.

Why do Roger Wicker and David Vitter think that American taxpayers should be left holding the bill for the Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling disaster? Right now, they’re on vacation, so you may have some difficulty getting in touch with them to get an answer.

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