Jason Altmire (D-CEO) and his Tax Cut for the Rich

As a report issued by the U.S. Census bureau this week shows, only the top income bracket in the United States saw its average income rise last year: everybody else’s income in the United States went down. It’s the poor and the middle class who are struggling; America’s rich are doing just fine and even improving their situation in the midst of an economic recession. Despite this, U.S. Representative Jason Altmire demanded a tax cut this week for the very richest of Americans.

Why would Jason Altmire seek tax breaks for the only people in this economy who are already better off? Because those are the same people financing Altmire’s campaign. FEC records show that for his 2010 congressional campaign, Jason Altmire has received $427,443 from 487 contributions by corporate owners and executives. Altmire has received a further 68 contributions summing to $33,486 from corporate lobbyists working for these owners and executives. On top of this, Altmire has received 459 contributions from corporate political action committees controlled by these owners and executives, adding up to $611,989 in cash for his campaign.

All together, Jason Altmire has received a majority of his campaign contributions by number (1014) and by dollar amount ($1,072,918) from corporate owners, corporate executives, and the the people and PACs controlled by them.

You want to know why Jason Altmire supports a big tax cut for the rich? It’s what his constituents want.


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  2. He also wants the middle class to keep their tax cuts, plus he’s voted for unemployment extensions four times, plus he’s voted for card check, plus he’s voted for the G.M. bailout. A tool of the rich; I hardly think so.

  3. Randy, how does voting to send billions of dollars of public money for the corporate use of General Motors executives NOT make Jason Altmire D-CEO?

  4. It is easy to ignore the thousands of dollars in donations that Congressman Altmire received from trade unions before his spring.

    There is one simple reason he would support extended the tax cuts, the majority of his constituents believe it is the right thing to do. It has nothing to do with where he gets his donations. It has to do with keeping a Democrat in this seat that went to John McCain by 13 percent.

  5. “NPH Progressive” – do YOU support extending George W. Bush’s tax cuts for the rich? Do YOU support extending the policies of George W. Bush, just so long as doing so helps to keep a Blue Dog Democrat in office?

  6. 1. You’re right: it is easy to ignore them, because compared to the contributions from CEOs and the CEOs’ PACs and lobbyists, those union contributions are rather paltry.
    2. Union issues are not necessarily the same as tax issues.

  7. I don’t agree with the tax cuts for the top earners and don’t believe the Republican lies about what they call ‘small business.’ However, I know PA-4 and the Dems can’t win that argument with the moderate Republicans and Conservative Democrats. So I would like Obama’s plan to pass with Altmire not voting for it. It may be selfish, but I had 6 years where Melissa Hart was my Congressperson. If Altmire wins, then I get a Democrat that votes for a lot of things that I agree with, Dems don’t lose the House, and I don’t have a extreme right wing Congressperson like Keith Rothfus.

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