Andy Harris Relies On Border Crisis That Isn’t There

In tomorrow’s primary election in Maryland’s 1st congressional district, Republican Andy Harris will compete with Rob Fisher for his party’s nomination to face incumbent right wing Blue Dog Democrat Frank Kratovil in November’s general election. In order to distinguish himself from Fisher, Harris has spoken out on issues that Fisher has not addressed. One of those issues is illegal immigration.

Fisher has been largely silent on immigration issues, though Republican voters view border security as an important priority. Seizing the opportunity, Harris has declared, “Illegal immigration has become a major problem as the federal government has been unwilling to enforce our borders… I will work for strong border enforcement and to ensure that illegal immigrants are not taking jobs that are badly needed by American citizens.”

That statement may please GOP voters, but it doesn’t fit well with the facts.

This month, the Pew Hispanic Center released the results of a study that found that, within the last decade, the influx of illegal immigrants over the border with Mexico has been reduced by about two-thirds. The study also found that the number of illegal immigrants living in the United States is also down – by one million over the last three years alone. Harris says that “Illegal immigration has become a major problem,” but actually, illegal immigration is much less of a problem than it used to be.

The assertion by Andy Harris that %