The Arcuri Lobbyist Lie

The campaign to re-elect Congressman Mike Arcuri is worked up over a press release sent out by Republican challenger Richard Hanna. Over the weekend, the campaign sent out a

“Richard Hanna is getting desperate! Not only did he begin airing television ads this week, but he sent out a press release accusing our campaign of accepting contributions from a corrupt Washington lobbyist and his firm, even though Federal Election Commission reports show this is a total lie!”

The “total lie”: Paul Magliocchetti had given $17,000 to the Arcuri campaign. Magliocchetti was indicted recently for serving as a conduit for his clients’ money. In truth, Magliocchetti himself didn’t give money to Michael Arcuri. His clients did.

The fundamental issue underlying Hanna’s accusation, whether Magliocchetti himself gave money to the Arcuri campaign, is whether the Arcuri campaign is taking money from lobbyists to fund its operations. It’s a matter of record that Arcuri has taken plenty of money from lobbyists.

An article from early this year lists lobbyists Shawn Bullard, Bob Gray, Patrick Foley, and Patricia Guay as Arcuri campaign donors. It also notes that Congressman Arcuri had taken money straight from political action committees set up by lobbying firms:

“Of course, many lobbying firms were quite open about handing money to Congressman Arcuri. For example, before he voted against climate change legislation, Arcuri took a check from Kelley, Drye and Warren, a lobbying firm that represents ExxonMobil. Arcuri also took money from the PAC for the lobbying firm Sonnenschein, Nath & Rosenthal, a lobbying firm representing Allstate Insurance, as well as the PAC for the lobbyists of Williams & Jensen, which represents pharmaceuticals giants Novartis, Amgen, and AstraZeneca.”

The same source notes that Arcuri openly attended a fundraiser held for him at the offices of the lobbying group Twenty-First Century Group, charging $5,000 per ticket to come meet him there.

The following are some other lobbyists who Representative Arcuri has taken money from:

– Jeffrey Werner, a lobbyist employed by Daimler-Chrysler
– Melissa Schulman, a lobbyist working through the Bockorny Group for clients that include America’s Natural Gas Alliance, the American Chemistry Council, Flat Rock Metal, GlaxoSmithKline, the Health Industry Group Purchasing Association, the
National Business Aviation Association, and News Corporation (parent company of FoxNews)
– Eric Robins, a lobbyist employed by the firm Williams & Jensen to serve clients such as
Elliott Management, Janus Capital Group, Knight Capital Group, the Managed Funds Association. the Pyramid Companies, the Reinsurance Association of America, the Security Traders Association, and Visa
– Andrew S. Quinn, a lobbyist with an office at Mcallister & Quinn, serving clients that include Constellation Energy, the Institute for Human & Machine Cognition, Jupiter Aluminum, the National Association of Credit Specialists, and Roche Holdings
– Edward Kinghorn of Kinghorn, Hilbert & Associates, who lobbies for the Advanced Technology Institute and the South Carolina Research Authority
– Martha Kendrick, a lobbyist working for Patton Boggs on behalf of clients that include the Inova Health System, the American Medical Rehab Providers Association, and Welch Allyn
– Patricia Kennedy, a lobbyist employed by Daimler-Chrysler

This information is easily found through the Federal Election Commission database and Open Secrets, a project of the Center for Responsive Politics. Does Congressman Arcuri suppose that his constituents are too lazy to look at these sources?

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