Kentucky Ed Whitfield Campaigns in Beverly Hills, California

Ed Whitfield sits in the U.S. House of Representatives for the 1st congressional district in Kentucky. He likes to make a lot of noise about his Kentucky roots, doing things like naming his personal political action committee the Thoroughbred PAC.

So, why is it, then, that Kentucky Ed Whitfield is campaigning for re-election in Beverly Hills, California this week?

It isn’t to meet the down home folks of Beverly Hills, that’s for sure. Congressman Whitfield’s campaign stop will be a special event for which he has explicitly solicited payments of $2,500 from the representatives of political action committees – one thousand dollars a ticket for individuals.

How many of Ed Whitfield’s constituents back in Tennessee could afford to pay for the airfare to fly out to Beverly Hills, much less the huge ticket price for the privilege of talking with their member of Congress? Whatever that meeting Ed Whitfield is having in Beverly Hills will focus on, it won’t be about getting feedback from the average voter in Kentucky.

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