Tea Party Caucus Includes No African-Americans

Yesterday, Representative Michele Bachmann released the membership list of the Tea Party Caucus, an officially registered organization of the U.S. House of Representatives. Although Tea Party leaders claim that their work is not partisan in nature, the Tea Party Caucus is home only to Republicans.

racist congressional caucusAnother fact about the membership of the Tea Party Caucus stands out immediately, given the recent controversy over accusations that Tea Party organizations contain a significant racist element. The Tea Party Caucus contains no African-Americans, even though there are many African-Americans in the House of Representatives. As revealed by a quick glance at the Tea Party Caucus members, pictured here to the left, only light skin tones are present in the congressional organization.

Michael Steele, Chair of the Republican National Committee, argues against accusations of Tea Party racism, saying, “Recent statements claiming the Tea Party movement is racist are not only destructive, they are not true. Tea Party activists are your mom or dad, your local grocer, banker, hairdresser or doctor. They are a diverse group of passionate Americans.” If they are to be believed, however, such assertions need to supported by facts. The statistics of Tea Party Caucus membership don’t fit with Steele’s description of a “diverse group”. If the Tea Party alliance of organizations is not racist, why is the membership of the Tea Party Caucus so racially skewed?


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  1. I too was wrong about the tea party movement until I joined a great site that made me understand it better. I met many of people on the site and must admit I was impressed with the way they think. I assumed they were all insane people then I found out why they are the tea party movement. It is because they worry about the United States and the constitution.

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