Bill Seeks To Punish Torture By Law Enforcement

Danny Davis, Jesse Jackson Jr. and Bobby Rush have introduced H.R. 5688, the Law Enforcement Torture Prevention Act, to the U.S. House of Representatives. The law would create a minimum sentence of 10 years in prison for anyone who, “acting under color of local, State, or Federal law, commits or attempts or conspires to commit torture”. Those who inflict torture resulting in death would have a sentence up to life in prison.

The bill was inspired by the trial of Chicago police officer Jon Burge, who was accused of torturing 110 people into giving false confessions. Many of those people were put in prison, even on death row, as a result of those confessions, and only after a great deal of time were their convictions overturned.

Congressman Davis explained, “While there are federal laws that criminalize acts of torture that occur within the United States territory, they all have short statutes of limitations and none of these statutes prescribe acts of torture as crimes of torture. The federal laws generally used to prosecute law enforcement officers who use excessive force bar those acting under color of law from depriving or conspiring to deprive persons of their constitutional rights. Certainly, a crime of torture committed by a law enforcement official violates a person’s rights guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution, with respect to the Burge case, he could not be prosecuted under these statutes because the five year statute of limitations for these laws have expired. Had this bill been in effect, former Chicago Police Detective Jon Burge would be guilty of torture and not just perjury.”


on “Bill Seeks To Punish Torture By Law Enforcement
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  1. As a targeted individual, I would really like to see our Government Representatives start taking action against these “Government Officales”.

    They are raping us via EMF, microwaves and communications(Wifi, cell phone, and electrical grid, as well as making us extremely ill and cause sever sleep depravation.

    These criminals, and I do not care who they are, even if it is a President of the US, ex-president of the US, or CIA, FBI, NSA..ect.. need to be held accountable for these heineous crimes.

    STOP OUR TORTURE.. LEAVE MY BODY ALONE.. they have no right to do this, under not only under the U.S. Consistution and other laws, but most importantly I am protected by the WORD OF GOD!

    IF we, the vicitims of Electronic Harrassment and Torture/Survellience, do not get justice via mankind, I KNOW without a doubt, we will get our justice at the Judgment seat of Christ.

  2. Honorable Representatives, Thank you for your bill! As I perused the contents of the bill and understood of course its importances, I now understand why contractors are hired to perputrate crimes upon victims. I would like to see the bill expanded to include the general population and allow many of us to share our horrific experiences of rape, theft, microchipping and other crimes of which are based on lies to a commission or a congressional hearing to representatives and senators! I personally can lists names and detail accounts of brutal occurrences of a network that works only because it is a coward of collaboration and not that of intelligence! Thanks once again for your courageous efforts for the citizens of Illinois!

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