Solomon Ortiz and the Windmills of Doom!

The House Armed Services Committee held a hearing today, on the conflict between windmills and Air Force bomber training. The Committee has a page dedicated to providing audio transcripts of such hearings, but you won’t find a transcript of today’s hearing there.

In fact, there hasn’t been an audio transcript of any of the hearings made available for almost two years now. The last transcript concerns a Full Committee hearing on Consideration for an American Grand Strategy.

I propose this for a Grand Strategy: Our government shares information about its activities with the people it’s supposed to be representing.

A prepared statement from Solomon Ortiz, chair of the Readiness Subcommittee, indicates that the transcript might make for some very interesting reading. Ortiz warned that America must not allow the windmill threat to grow stronger: “Is there anything that we can do to preserve the military capabilities threatened by wind farm developments at Naval Air Station Kingsville and other military bases? In the short term, no. Am I concerned? You bet I am.”

Tilting at windmills? I hereby nominate Solomon Ortiz to the position of Chair of the House Select Committee for Quixotic Affairs.

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