That’s My Congress Index Bills Featured on America Speaking Out

America Speaking Out is a website set up by Congressional Republicans at which Americans of all ideological persuasions and partisan affiliations are invited to propose changes to the Republican legislative platform, vote on others’ proposals, and engage in follow-up discussion.

To help further this sort of online civic discussion — and to make it more specific to actual legislation being considered by the Congress — That’s My Congress has begun the process of submitting proposals to America Speaking Out that reflect our index of bills under consideration by the House and Senate. Each proposal is clearly marked with the name of the bill under consideration, a position of opposition to or support for the bill, and an underlying rationale.

To date, we have submitted the following policy proposals:

H.J. Res 37 (amendment banning same-sex marriage): oppose

H.J. Res 47 (flag desecration amendment): oppose

H.R. 14 (ocean acidification research): support

H.R. 104 (commission to investigate Bush): support

H.R. 1024 (ending immigration discrimination against gay spouses): support

H.R. 1076 (ending anonymity and enforcing surveillance on the internet): oppose

H.R. 1310 (stop dumping toxic heavy metal strip mining debris into mountain streams): support

H.R. 1868 (impose old German bloodline model of citizenship): oppose

We’ll continue to add policy proposals that reflect the bill indices of That’s My Congress. We’ll also track the Republican Party’s reaction to these proposals. Are bills popular on America Speaking Out embraced by the GOP? Are bills unpopular on America Speaking Out opposed by the GOP? Or is Republican congressional behavior independent of what goes on at the America Speaking Out website?

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