Charles Djou’s Anti-Family Politics

Yesterday in Hawaii, Republican Charles Djou won a special congressional election to replace Neil Abercrombie, who is running for Governor this year. Djou ran for Congress on an agenda that centered around what he called “families first”.

One of Djou’s core supporters said of his campaign, “Most importantly, he believes in God and is family centered.” But what kind of family agenda does Charles Djou want to promote in the U.S. Congress?

In his campaign literature, Djou attempts to describe himself as having a hands-off, inclusive attitude about family. He writes, “We cannot legislate healthy families, good parenting skills or a sound moral environment and we should not try. But we can do more in the public square to help parents through the increased challenges they face today by giving them the tools they need to succeed. As a husband and father of three, I know that strong families and a diverse community form the bedrock of a strong Hawai’i and strong America.”

On the specifics, however, Djou supports efforts to make family life more difficult for millions of Americans. He supports the Defense of Marriage Act, which bans the federal government from recognizing the equal marriage rights of gay and lesbian couples. Djou also has condemned the recent law passed in Hawaii, providing for civil unions for same-sex couples.

Djou may say that he supports “strong families and a diverse community”, but in practice, Djou only supports those families that follow his narrow beliefs. Djou seeks to ban legal recognition of other families. Djou seeks to legislate morality, whatever the price that households in Hawaii and the rest of the USA will pay for his anti-family agenda.

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on “Charles Djou’s Anti-Family Politics
One Comment on “Charles Djou’s Anti-Family Politics
  1. Charle Djou is a Rhino Republican who supports an openly gay miliytary that will distroy the military UCMJ structure who our enemies want to break down and the security of the military fighting force who are in different faiths that will be weaking our fighting force during a time of war. Djou is nothing but a true LIBERAL and masking as a repulican to fool those who serve our country. Leave the UCMJ alone and stop confusing those who serve. If he said his faith is in Jesus… shame on him.

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