Sander Levin Has Gas For Breakfast

This morning, Congressman Sander Levin got out of bed a little bit earlier than usual, in order to get to breakfast on time. This wasn’t just any sort of breakfast, though. It was an “Energy Industry Breakfast“.

The energy industry wasn’t served for breakfast, of course. Rather, the breakfast served the energy industry – and Sander Levin too.

Sander Levin asked for money from energy industry political action committees – between $1,000 and $5,000 per PAC, according to the invitation sent out on behalf of Levin’s re-election campaign. In return for this money, the Energy Industry got pigs in a blanket – so to speak. Representatives from GASPAC, CMS Energy PAC, DTE Energy PAC and PowerPAC of the Edison Electric Institute had the opportunity to share some quality time with the Congressman and his aides.

Why would PAC representatives want to spend quality time with Sander Levin? Levin is chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, which has both ways and means of getting lots of money to private organizations. As Levin puts it, the committee has authority over “tax, trade and economic growth policies”.

What if constituents from Levin’s Michigan congressional district wanted to share some quality time with their elected representative? They could pay $500, if they happened to be in Washington D.C.

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