Geoff Davis Has PhRMA Food For Lunch

When I have lunch, I know that the food that’s best for me is farm fresh. Of course, farm fresh food is not always available. Sometimes, I’m forced to eat something else less wholesome.

Apparently, that’s the situation faced by U.S. Representative Geoff Davis tomorrow. He’s scheduled to go a PhRMA Lunch at Noon on Tuesday.

It seems that this PhRMA food is much more expensive than regular food that’s raised on a farm. Political action committee hosts to this PhRMA luncheon are being asked to pay $2,000 just for one plate of the PhRMA food.

Hold on. What’s this about political action committees?

Dear me. It seems that I had entirely the wrong impression of this lunch. PhRMA isn’t a kind of food, it turns out. It’s an acronym, standing for the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America. This is a lunch organized by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, where participants pay Congressman Geoff Davis money – not for the food, but for the privilege of having time to talk with him about legislative items of interest to pharmaceuticals companies.

Maybe it’s because I’m not in the pharmaceuticals industry, but this event doesn’t seem very appetizing to me. Even from where I’m sitting, hundreds of miles away, that lunch smells awfully funny to me.

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