Campbell Vs. Krom On Climate

In a recent campaign video, U.S. Representative John Campbell looks out on a California coastline, and comments, “You know, this so beats the heck out of Washington D.C.!” How much does Congressman Campbell really love that coast, though? Enough to protect it from the threat created by offshore drilling for oil?

Apparently not. Campbell supports the expansion of offshore drilling for oil, in spite of strong evidence of the strong threat of massive pollution from drilling blowouts such as occurred recently in the Timor Sea and in the Gulf of Mexico. The current Deepwater Horizon disaster has resulted in a sunken oil rig and tens of thousands of gallons of crude oil surging out into the water every day.

Representative Campbell still won’t acknowledge the serious problems created by climate legislation. He has commented that climate legislation passed by the House, but still not acted upon by the U.S. Senate, would have “the purpose of accomplishing nothing”.

Beth Krom, Campbell’s Democratic challenger this year, has a higher regard for the environmental integrity of California’s 48th congressional district. Explaining her support for climate legislation, Krom writes, “I was proud to be one of the first Mayors in America to sign on to the US Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement. Addressing climate change and reducing our carbon footprint is the right thing to do.”

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