One House Republican Mention Of Hutaree Plot

So far, only one acknowledgement of the alleged Hutaree Christian militia plot to trigger a violent revolution within the U.S. government by killing police officers and their families has come from the entire U.S. Congress. This acknowledgment comes in a short paragraph from a a weekly news summary from the Republicans on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. This paragraph reads, “Nine members of an anti-government militia group were charged Monday with conspiring to kill a law-enforcement officer in an effort to start a “war” against the U.S. government, authorities said,” the Wall Street Journal reports. The group, known as Hutaree, “planned to kill an unidentified local law-enforcement officer in April and then attack local, state and federal officers who came to attend his funeral.”

Other than this short quote from a newspaper, nobody in Congress has issued so much as a press release to acknowledge what the FBI says was a planned right wing paramilitary uprising from within our own borders. Why the silence?

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