The Truth About H.R. 1388 (H.B. 1388)

This week, the FBI arrested 9 members of the Hutaree Christian militia on charges that they were planning to provoke an armed right wing rebellion against the U.S. government by killing police officers and their families. Why would any group come up with such a plan?

Desperation is a powerful motivator. At least one member of the Hutaree was convinced by a hoax email that Congress had passed a bill this month to spend 20 billion dollars to bring Hamas fighters to the United States.

Defendant Tina Mae Stone wrote on March 19, on her Facebook account, of a bill that she called H.B. 1388, “when people in this country is getting kicked out of there homes everyday and our government passes a bill to spend more then 20 billion dollars to bring Hamas here and supplies them with food and homes that just wrong.”

Those familiar with Congress will realize that no legislation begins with H.B. That’s a tipoff that something is amiss with Tina Stone’s concerns about H.R. 1388. But, perhaps she just made a typographical error. Could there be an H.R. 1388 passed earlier this month that gave 20 billion dollars to Hamas?

No, that’s not possible, because H.R. 1388 was signed by President Obama and made into Public Law No: 111-013 on April 21 of last year. The earliest time when there could be another H.R. 1388 is in 2011, when the 112th Congress will be in session.

The Detroit Free Press reports that Tina Stone had been suckered in by a hoax, an email making wild claims about H.R. 1388 that were completely untrue. The actual H.R. 1388 is a public service bill that expands opportunities for Americans to help their neighbors in a variety of ways. It’s called the Serve America Act. It contains no money for Hamas.

If Tina Stone and her comrades had not been so gullible, if they had known that they can look up any piece of congressional legislation at, the Hutarees might have calmed down, realized that they were living in a world of paranoid delusion, and avoided an FBI raid. We’re lucky that the lies about H.R. 1388 didn’t actually result in anyone’s death – they came awfully close.

This isn’t just a cautionary tale for the Hutarees. It should serve as a reminder to us all. When we’re told about a bill in Congress, whether the bill is praised or condemned, we should look into it ourselves before forming a judgment.


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  1. Nice spin at convicting people without a trial. What LAWS did these people break? The only think I can see is that the FBI worked diligently to entrap them.

  2. What laws they broke is a matter for a jury to determine through a fair trial. An arraignment is not a conviction. It’s a formal statement of accusation, backed up by a grand jury determination that the evidence is sufficient to bring the accused to trial.

    Furthermore, this article is about blatant lies being told about H.R. 1388, and spread by one of the Hutaree militia members. That’s not a crime, but it is a sign of profound ignorance.

  3. A tip off indeed. The use of “right wing” is definitely a tip-off. Sorry to squash your propaganda but the Hutaree Christian militia were registered democrats. Just like the perps of all the most recent violent acts taken place here in the US.

  4. sk, are you proposing that there aren’t any right wing Democrats? You’ll find many if you take a look at the legislative profiles we’ve put together.

  5. Democrats are by far the most dangerous people in America. You only have to look as far as Washington D.C. to see that!!! Wake UP AMERICA!!!!!

  6. My God, CR, you are right! Why, just last week Barney Frank mowed down a dozen latte-sippers at the Whole Foods on M street!

  7. CR – Damn right we’re dangerous. And we’re mad as hell at this right wing nonsense crippling this country. We fight and fight hard. We are fighting for what this country was founded on – liberty and justice for all. Do you even know what that means? Or are you so wrapped up in these blatant lies that Sarah Palin and her ilk are spreading about anyone who doesn’t agree with their bs? Learn your history, pal. Populists can’t run countries. Unless, of course, you want a third world country.

  8. You’re wrong. The original language requiring “volunteer” service was stripped from the bill. It can be reinserted at any time. Gasp! You mean Congress might sneakily insert outrageous demands into law?

  9. Wait a minute. You’re actually saying that you think it’s important to protest language that’s not in legislation because it could be inserted later?

    The phrase “All Americans will be required to eat boiled eyeball soup.” could be inserted into any legislation. Does that mean we should protest all legislation as Eyeball Soup Tyranny?

  10. Well I must say this really worries me the fact that a group of people could get this worked up over a rumour, yet the fact that some people here are saying that anything could be placed into legislation without a thought like Wildwood say worries me even more because of it’s truth. A second thought is how the democrats work they’ve actually done more for this country then the republicans i was once a republican but then they did things I did not like and the democrats did so I do believe like Dangerous dam liberal is correct we do fight for this country very hard and that makes us vary dangerous indeed. Oh and sorry if I sound rambly.

  11. What ya going to believe ? They’re saying obama passed that bill recently to bring the palestinians
    to america as freeloaders , ( just like he’s doing with the mexican illigals. )
    What i read and was told by a member of congress was this : Obamas second month in office, he secretly signed that bill giving that money to the Palestenians to relocate to America — on our tax dollars. ………..We MUST get the democratic congress out of office ( just a fer short weeks from now folks ) Obama wants 15 to 20 million illigal mexicans to live, freeload off our tax money, Now the
    Palestenians ? Yes, thats exactly how it is. What about us americans ? We count for nothing in obamas eyes. He has proved all along, that he is pro muslim and anti american.
    I am sick and tired of that mans lies. dozens and dozens, The gun ban is due very shortly. You’ll see all the info on your 1040 tax return folks.
    Millions of Americans lost their jobs, and he brings in hundreds of millions of foreigners into our
    united states ? It is to make americans very, very poor, more that we are. \
    If you’re going to vote for the democratic congress on Nov. 2, I hop e you like living under communism I’ve seen enough, heard, and read enough, what communism was like in Russia. Even
    Cubas Castro recently stated that communism does NOT work.
    Vote democratic ? Then live under communism, were almost there . HELL on earth folks. Obamas goal is the united states to be all Muslim, as he is one of them, remember his wife saying he is a Kenyan ? The mystery man running a country , Hiding his past ! Don’t it tell you a LOT ?

  12. What are you going to believe, Joyce? Believe the Library of Congress, which records all laws passed by the U.S. Congress. The President signs them, Joyce. He doesn’t pass them.

    They’re saying,” Joyce? Who are they?

    Where is the bill that would ban guns, the bill that you say is “due very shortly”? Where have you seen any actual evidence that such a bill exists?

    Joyce, you’re just making stuff up.

  13. Ok, so you are saying H.B. 1388 is a hoax. What then is FR Doc E9-2488? Portion copied below:

    NOTICE: Part II
    DOCID: fr04fe09-106
    [[Page 6115]]
    Presidential Determination No. 2009-15 of January 27, 2009

    Unexpected Urgent Refugee and Migration Needs Related To Gaza
    Memorandum for the Secretary of State
    By the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, including section 2(c)(1) of the Migration and Refugee Assistance Act of 1962 (the “Act”), as amended (22 U.S.C. 2601), I hereby determine, pursuant to section 2(c)(1) of the Act, that it is important to the national interest to furnish assistance under the Act in an amount not to exceed $20.3 million from the United States Emergency Refugee and Migration Assistance Fund for the purpose of meeting unexpected and urgent refugee and migration needs, including by contributions to international, governmental, and nongovernmental organizations and payment of administrative expenses of Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration of the Department of State, related to humanitarian needs of Palestinian refugees and conflict victims in Gaza.
    You are authorized and directed to publish this memorandum in the Federal Register.

    (Presidential Sig.)
    Washington, January 27, 2009
    [FR Doc. E9-2488
    Filed 2-3-09; 8:45 am]
    Billing code 4710-10-P

  14. The detail I really love in this conspiracy theory: That Barack Obama has brought in “hundreds of millions of foreigners into our united states”. In less than two years, he’s done this?

    The total population of the united states is only around 300 million. If hundreds of millions of foreigners suddenly showed up over the space of a year and a half, don’t you think the signs would be a lot more visible?

  15. I just got this from a Senior here in my state who passed it onto over 80 people.
    She is scared and upset. wow i’m like common people our seniors do not need this in their lives .
    the women who sent it to me is a heart patient and I am sure she is running rapid on her BP
    Now how can someone scare our older people who are still living IN THE BOX ?
    thats a real crime. what next Obama desided to try the indian style of getting rid of our seniors ?
    Common lets think for a minute before we believe this whole heartedly.
    Terrorizing seniors and spreading lies against any president should be Illegal.
    Its not just him who can pass a law the congress has to sign as well.
    Or are we just a 1 man nation with out any Americans knowing this ?
    I think we need to look into things before we start Calling the Kettle Black.
    Do not forward until you do some research .
    i could of forwarded the email i got in less then a minute but i took 3 minutes to research.
    and it is impossible for any of what is said to come to a head .
    firstly do you think those Stingy congressmen would let someone from another country live in America for less then they get too?
    i mean free housing food and ? LOL NOPE i dont

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  17. Democrats are dangerous? Repubs lost me a long time ago, and dems, are at least aware of the issues they cause. They overzealous actions of the right, and their ” bully tactics” are grade school level politics. They are all out for themselves. Its about America, not a split bi-lateral system that is corrupt, and a news system that is as bad as our medical care.

    No truth or integrity, just words coated in religious crapture.

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  20. This is amazing. I would like to see what was posted by Tina Stone. Can someone point me in the right direction?
    The rhetoric defys an accurate and/or sufficient description. Obviously, everyone is shooting from their emotional hip. Most of the responses are hostile and bias, and the name calling is pointless.

    There are way too many words carrying connotations not understood by the other side. It is as if you are speaking differentl languages. You are confounded by your own prejudices and unable to hear the other side. If you did you would be like hearing yourself.

    One thing in particular strikes me which was stated by DANGEROUS DAMN LIBERAL. It sounds exaclty like what conservatives are saying. And this is true of many of the posts. Everyone needs to step back and take a breath. And some of you need to sit down for crying out loud.

    It seems like both sides are saying the same thing, but for some reason can’t agree on it.

    Seriously, we need a truthful peace maker who can get the real issues out on the table for the American people and then define the terms.

    We need to agree on how our money is being spent. That is a beginning. Go to the money first and merits of each issue will come to the surface to be discussed. It is not all about the money, I realize, but money is a tangible, common to all media to which everyone can relate.

    HOwever, being realistic, I also realize that this may not get far. Someone, many in fact, will try to distort this into some kind of issue of principle. There are princiles at stake but this is not them.
    This will not get far becuase, we are morally bankrupt. We are a country ripe for judgement, whether you believe in God or not. Unprincipled, self-serving, life styles will eventually result in self-destruction and that is where we are as a nation.

    You may not believe in God, but having a higher authority to refer to makes for better neighbors.

  21. We have to pass it to find out whats in it. Sound familiar? Could have been passed anytime in ANY bill. Maybe it’s in the Obamacare bill.

  22. Stumbled on this just a  minute ago. Terry is right.  Everyone needs to “just breathe”. 
    Mistakes have been made on both sides of the fence. Passion has run amok. Common sense is rarely practiced in congress. Too many worried about re-election rather than just doing the right thing. Tough decisions need to be made no matter how difficult it may get for awhile. No corporation or home could use the same principles as our United States Congress and expect to be anything but bankrupt. We are enormously top heavy. We need to get rid of duplicate and inefficient offices/agencies, as well as quit spending billions on ridiculous grants and perks for federal employees. Management closer to home is more efficient. I know some would scream at the  top of their lungs on this, but we need to move the bulk of the power back to the states. Honestly, and please think seriously about this, WHY do we need all of those departments in Washington? Most except for the Dept of Defense and maybe a couple of others could be abolished and those funds funneled back to the states. Common sense. Budgeting 101. And Terry is also right about the self-serving attitudes today. Without a higher power it’s “all about me”. That’s a recipe for disaster on all levels. 

  23. Myth or not. Why is it so easy to believe that our Gov., this admin, our pres. would do something like this. Obama care( only passed through bribery), Stimulus up the wazoo yet still unemployment above 9%, lies about shovel ready jobs, calling citizens of this country terrorists and racists because they stand up and unite agaist his policies and ideals we dont agree with, assassinating people around the country as Judge “Judy” and executioner.

  24. Todd, facts matter. It’s not enough just for you to believe that Congress has done something. It’s important to look at the actual record of what Congress has done.

  25. I’m with you Damn Dangerous Liberal, the right wing is holding congress hostage and will not let us get the jobs for they want Obama to fail, well here is two votes for him in this house hold, we cannot afford another eight years of Republican rule look what the last eight years of their rule got us and now they are blaming Obama, they could care less about our country it is PARTY or nothing, damn the country.

  26. You know, I think some of the new studies relating to the conservative brain show merit. There’s just no other way to explain their thinking. If you can call it that.

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