Who Represents The Hutaree In Congress?

Who are the people sitting in Congress for the Hutarees arrested this weekend upon suspicion of a conspiracy to provoke an armed rebellion against the U.S. government by murdering police officers?

Representing Adrian, Blissfield, Clayton and Manchester Township in Michigan is Mark Schauer. Representing Huron and Sandusky in Ohio is Marcy Kaptur. Whiting, Indiana is represented by Pete Visclosky. The U.S. Senators representing Ohio, Indiana and Michigan are Carl Levin, Debbie Stabenow, George Voinovich, Sherrod Brown, Richard Lugar, and Evan Bayh.

Not one of these members of Congress issued any statement at all about the arrests of Hutaree Christian radicals over the weekend, or the indictments of these radicals on charges of conspiracy to wage war against the federal government. Why the silence?

The silence wasn’t general. Many of these members of Congress have issued statements on other issues yesterday and today. Pete Visclosky issued a statement about grants from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Sherrod Brown made has made statements about money directed to local fire departments. George Voinovich made a statement about National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. Richard Lugar issued a statement about cooperation on the issue of “bioterrorist infectious disease outbreaks” with the glorious nation of Kazakhstan, though there has never been a serious bioterrorist attack in human history.

Nothing about the Hutarees. Nothing about the threat of violent insurrection in the areas these politicians represent.

When one person, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, engaged in an attempt of terrorist violence, large numbers of Congress spoke out quickly and forcefully. A congressional hearing was held. Legislation to respond to the event was written.

Now, when a large number of people living right here in the United States set up a paramilitary training camp, gathered weapons, and were preparing to provoke a civil war starting with the murder of law enforcement officers, not one member of Congress has spoken out.

Is the different reaction due to the fact that Abdulmutallab is Muslim, while the Hutarees are Christian?


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  2. Update: A day later, and still not a single one of these members of Congress from Ohio, Indiana and Michigan has said anything about the Hutaree.

  3. A week after the arrests began, there still isn’t a single member of the House or Senate from these states who has issued a statement about the Hutaree militia.

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  5. The Hutaree are an extremely small group of confused wackos, whose views are anti-thetical to Christianity! The Bible, unlike the Kor’an does not encourage “kill the unbeliever”! The Bible teaches respect for the law, respect for authority, kindness, mercy, and grace in dealing with others.
    These Hutaree, in their plot to oppose the government and kill the men and women who serve to protect and defend people from abuse by criminals, are acting in defiance to the teachings, attitude, and actions of the Lord Jesus Christ! This group is not Christian! Though THEY may identify THEMSELVES as such, they are either delusional, or they are intentionally denigrating the Lords name.

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