42 Senators Vote To Continue Failed Educational Program

The DC Opportunity Scholarships program had constitutional problems from the start. It violated the separation of Church and State by redirecting public money, through an act of the US Congress, into the accounts of organizations with the explicit goal of converting American children to a particular form of religious worship. The program also violated the constitutional requirement of equality for all citizens under the law by providing public funding of educational programs that engaged in discriminatory hiring practices.

Some people might dismiss those serious legal flaws with the DC Opportunity Scholarships. If the program helps children get a good education, it’s worth violating the highest law of the land, they might say. However, reports on the results of the voucher program have shown a consistent failure to help students in need.

Yesterday, the U.S. Senate voted on whether to continue the failed educational program. Supporters of maintained funding for educational failure tried to slip an extension for the DC Opportunity Scholarships into an amendment to an unrelated bill ( S.Amdt. 3456 to S.Amdt. 3452 to H.R. 1586 ). They failed.

The 42 senators who voted in favor of pouring money into this unconstitutional, failed educational program were:

Lamar AlexanderJohn BarrassoChristopher Bond
Scott BrownSam BrownbackJim Bunning
Richard BurrSaxby ChamblissTom Coburn
Thad CochranSusan CollinsBob Corker
John CornynMichael CrapoJim DeMint
John EnsignMichael EnziDianne Feinstein
Lindsey GrahamCharles GrassleyJudd Gregg
Orrin HatchKay Bailey HutchisonJames Inhofe
John IsaksonMike JohannsJon Kyl
George LeMieuxJoseph LiebermanDick Lugar
John McCainMitch McConnellLisa Murkowski
Bill NelsonJames RischPat Roberts
Jeff SessionsJohn ThuneDavid Vitter
George VoinovichMark WarnerRoger Wicker


on “42 Senators Vote To Continue Failed Educational Program
2 Comments on “42 Senators Vote To Continue Failed Educational Program
  1. Many public school graduates today cannot successfully count beyond ten without removing their shoes and more than a few public school teachers have the same challenges.
    I went to Catholic schools and received a good education and was well guided into adulthood.
    Zeal to separate church and state should not result in failure to educate.

  2. Apparently, Bill, your education wasn’t effective enough for you to learn the difference in quality between anecdotal evidence and studies that are based upon a large statistical base. Educational studies that are based upon a large statistical base indicate that Catholic schools don’t provide an education that’s superior to public education.

    The underlying premise of your argument doesn’t hold.

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