James Inhofe Can’t Say Global Warming Is Unreal Anymore

Yesterday, Senator James Inhofe rose to give a speech about global warming. Throughout the entire speech, it seemed that he was about to come right out and say that global warming is not real, but in fact, Inhofe never actually said any such thing.

He criticized Al Gore, both for writing an editorial and for making a good income. He pointed out that a small number of scientists at one institution in the United Kingdom sent a few unwise emails. He noted that there was a snowstorm in the middle of the winter.

Inhofe even quoted himself, noting that, years ago, he called global warming a hoax. However, Inhofe did not renew that accusation yesterday. He was unable to directly state that global warming isn’t taking place.

Why? Why couldn’t Senator Inhofe just come out and say that global warming isn’t real? Why couldn’t he just say that it’s a hoax?

Maybe it’s that he knows the facts don’t support such a statement, and he’s just trying to bluster his way to a defense of his previous assertions. After all, in spite of Inhofe’s observation that there was snow in Washington D.C. this winter, it turns out that this winter was the second warmest on record.

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