Tracey Mann Linked To International Extremist Group

The Family:
– also known as the Fellowship Foundation
– also known as the National Fellowship Council
– also known as the National Leadership Council
– doing business in the USA under the name of The International Foundation

These names all refer to a single organization, the group that coordinates the National Prayer Breakfast every year – an event which is being held this morning. Many people believe that the National Prayer Breakfast is an official governmental event, given the fact that the event uses governmental insignia such as the Presidential Seal. However, the meeting is entirely non-governmental, an exclusively Christian event.

The International Foundation does a great deal more than just hold a National Prayer Breakfast, however. The group promotes a range of right wing policies here in the United States, but it’s also a truly international organization, having established branches in countries all over the world.

One of those branches is in Uganda, where Foundation associate David Bahati is a legislator who has introduced a bill that would make homosexuality punishable by death and would allow for the imprisonment of anyone engaging in the promotion of homosexuality. David Bahati was invited to the Foundation’s National Prayer Breakfast in the United States this year, but hastily removed from the event once his attendance was made public.

What’s the connection to the U.S. Congress? For one thing, there will many members of Congress attending the International Foundation’s meeting this morning. For another thing, the International Foundation operates a house at 133 C Street SE, Washington D.C. that has served as a low-rent home for some members of Congress.

Then there’s the very particular connection between the International Foundation and Republican Tracey Mann, who is running for the seat in the U.S. House of Representatives being vacated by Jerry Moran – representing the 1st congressional district in Kansas. Mann has received $5,500 from employees of the International Foundation so far – the only congressional candidate to have received money linked to the International Foundation in this campaign cycle.

The International Foundation has only six employees. Three of those employees have made donations to the Tracey Mann for Congress campaign.

One of those donors from The International Foundation is Tara Jo Mann. Tara Jo Mann, listed as an administrator at The International Foundation, attended Kansas State University in the 1990s. So did Tracey Mann. Tara Jo is listed by Kansas State as having graduated in 1999. Tracey Mann is listed as having graduated in 2000.

Is Tara Jo Mann the big sister of Tracey Mann? It seems unlikely that Tara Jo would now be donating to Tracey’s congressional campaign, and have gone to the same university at about the same time as Tracey without there being some such relation.

Is Tracey Mann a member of The Family? It’s an organization that keeps its membership secret, so we may never know for sure. We can see, however, that Tracey Mann has entangling connections with the international group of religious extremists.


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  2. Update: On March 31, Tracey Mann received another donation from Marty Sherman of the International Foundation.

  3. Tara Jo Mann is his twin sister. they both went to K-State at the same time, just took her longer to finish. They graduated from Quinter High School in 1995. Get your facts straight before you publish.

  4. Okay, so how about you tell us what Tara Jo Mann is doing working for this International extremist group, The Family, and whether Tracey Mann embraces their radical ideology. If they’re twins, he must know what his sister is doing. What’s Tracey Mann’s involvement?

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  6. What is this, some left wing artical looking for what ? As far as I can tell this is just a bunch of propaganda which is usually what democrats fall for. I can`t write worth a hoot, but this artical has convinced me I can.

  7. Well, Tracey Mann has lost the primary – came in 3rd place, so you won’t need to worry about whether this is just propaganda, or whether there are actually some facts you’d have to eventually deal with.

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