One Corporation, One Senator, Two Months: Richard Burr and SCANA

Look at when the dozens and dozens of corporate managers and executives in the South Carolina-based SCANA corporation independently decided, all on their own, to send campaign contributions to North Carolina Senator Richard Burr:

Graph Displaying Campaign Contributions of SCANA employees to Richard Burr over time, 2008-2009

All the “independent” contributions come in April and May of 2009, with none before and none after from SCANA employees for the entire length of 2008 and 2009. And to add to this oddness, the SCANA Corporate Political Action Committee also just happened to make its own campaign contribution to Richard Burr in April of 2009. The SCANA PAC, which is the means by which SCANA employees are supposed to coordinate their campaign contributions, is limited to a $5,000 contribution per candidate. Richard Burr received many, many times that amount from the time-focused SCANA contributions.

Nearly one hundred coincidences are likely not coincidental. Who coordinated these campaign contributions?

Find more details here.

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