Richard Burr’s Big Money Golf Party Today

It’s a Monday morning, and if you’re like most people, that means you need to get back to work after a weekend of taking care of your personal business. Senator Richard Burr, however, is not like most people.

Today, instead of going to work on the business he was elected to address in the U.S. Senate, Richard Burr is flying down to Orlando, Florida to play golf. What’s more, instead of paying to play golf, as usual, Senator Burr is being paid to play golf. The people who are giving Burr money to play golf today: Elite political powerbrokers.

Lobbyists, wealthy political insiders, and people who can make big profits from government legislation will be there with Senator Burr, paying $1,500 for the privilege of access to the Senator out on the golf course and in the lodge. Political action committees were specifically invited to send their representatives to be with Burr as he plays golf today, and told to bring checks for $2,500, made payable to The Richard Burr Committee.

Is this the kind of service North Carolinians had in mind when they elected Burr to the Senate?


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