Gunman Savages Factory, Lautenberg Outraged At Kissing

As I write this, news is emerging about a rampage at a Missouri factory, where a man with an assault rifle has killed two people and injured several others. Across the country, in New Jersey, Senator Frank Lautenberg has made another security announcement: He is outraged by an incident of kissing and hand holding.

A few days ago, a man walked the wrong way down a hallway, and Homeland Security went into Code Orange Alert overdrive. Today, it was revealed that all the man wanted to do was hold hands with and kiss the woman he loves just for a few minutes more before she left on her airplane.

There was no terrorist attack. There was no security threat. There were just two young people who wanted to kiss. Yet, Senator Lautenberg wouldn’t let up. He declared that he was “outraged”, and demanded that video of the incident be released.

Video of people kissing at an airport? Senator Lautenberg, let the couple have some privacy. We have more serious concerns to deal with.

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