Roy Blunt Relies On Corporate Lobbyists

When Missouri’s Congressman Roy Blunt set up his leadership PAC, he wanted to give it a wholesome, idealistic sort of name. He chose “Rely On Your Beliefs PAC”.

As he begins his campaign to become Missouri’s newest United States Senator, just what are those beliefs that Representative Blunt will be relying on? Chief among them seems to be the belief that corporate lobbyists deserve special access to members of Congress – so long as they’re willing to pay for the privilege.

roy blunt c2Back in 2008, when Congressman Blunt was hankering for some lunch, he had the staff of his Rely On Your Beliefs PAC get in touch with the lobbying firm C2 Group to arrange the meal for him.

The C2 lobbyists agreed to host the luncheon at their own headquarters, and to invite some influential friends. Roy Blunt said that sounded fine to him, but he wanted more than just a friendly get-together. Blunt wanted money, and lots of it. So, the Rely On Your Beliefs PAC staff set a minimum price of $2,500 to attend the lunch, and a higher price as well, for those lobbyists who wanted some special attention from Representative Blunt: $5,000.

Exactly who was in attendance at that lobbyist luncheon for Roy Blunt? I can’t say for sure, but the client list for C2 in 2008 is suggestive: Medical corporations, media, transportation, securities and investments, and the automative industry.

Of course, the Rely On Your Beliefs PAC hasn’t just relied on the C2 Group lobbyists. It’s also had events arranged for is by INSURPAC, the PAC for Freddie Mac, Clear Channel PAC, Fluor PAC, Comcast PAC, and the political action committees of Verizon and AT&T. Recently, Roy Blunt’s campaign committee has been hosted at fundraisers by oil industry PACS, including the VALERO Energy Employee PAC, Devon Energy PAC, Exxonmobil PAC, Marathon Oil PAC. The DLA Piper PAC, Experian PAC, National Mining Association PAC, and the Peabody PAC have also gotten in on the game of hosting lobbyist pay-for-play sessions with Congressman Blunt.

When it comes to gathering money for his recent political campaigns, Roy Blunt has relied on just about everything but his beliefs.

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on “Roy Blunt Relies On Corporate Lobbyists
One Comment on “Roy Blunt Relies On Corporate Lobbyists
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