Internz Runn Amuck in Offiss of Rep. Bruce Brayleigh

The fate of the free world does not hang in the balance, and thank goodness for that. But is the Populist Caucus webpage good for more than a quick giggle? After six months of being named on Chair Bruce Braley’s webpage, Representatives “Steve Kagan,” “Jan Schakowski” and “John Yarmouth” can’t be too pleased. When does the next wave of interns come in?

Rep. Bruce Braley's name misspelled on a placard for yuks

12/15 Evening Update: Apparently, Braley’s new interns have arrived, and just in the nick of time. Lickety-split, the offissoffice of Bruce Braley has corrected the spelling errors on the Congressional Populist Caucus website within nine hours of the publication of this blog post. This is, friends, a testimony to the power of public embarrassment. We only wish it would work as well on policy issues like the Patriot Act or credit card reform as it seems to work on matters as superficial as the spelling of Representatives’ names.

P.S. In another update made at the time of the spelling correction, Rep. Braley’s office added the name of Rep. Brad Sherman to the list of of Populist Caucus members. That’s gratifyingly transparent. And, ahem, that makes the current number of caucus members 30.

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on “Internz Runn Amuck in Offiss of Rep. Bruce Brayleigh
One Comment on “Internz Runn Amuck in Offiss of Rep. Bruce Brayleigh
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