Senator Thomas Carper, D-Money

Senator Tom Carper of Delaware has introduced 37 non-symbolic bills to the United States Senate for consideration. A quick summary of them:

Senator Tom Carper of Delaware1 bill to declare that chain restaurants and cafeterias must be able to produce nutrition information for meals if someone asks for them.

1 bill to require that the Department of Education accredit schools that teach foreign visitors English.

1 bill to establish a National Historic Park in the state of Delaware with money to buy certain properties from prominent landowners.

2 bills regarding the development of plans regarding greenhouse gas emissions.

2 bills to provide employment benefits to firefighters.

2 bills to clarify government information technology policies.

3 bills altering government budget procedures.

24 bills to cut the fees corporations pay for importing various industrial chemicals and products from overseas rather than making them here in America.

1 bill to abolish all taxes paid on income gained through inheritance, up to $3.5 million, with that amount to be adjusted upward in future years to keep pace with inflation. Cuts to government assistance programs will offset the loss of budget dollars.

The majority of Senator Carper’s attention is dedicated to the benefit of American corporations and the American wealthy. Let’s call him Thomas Carper, D-Money.

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