Sensenbrenner Brings Out The Weird On His Facebook Account

A month ago, U.S. Representative James Sensenbrenner, Republican from Wisconsin, proudly announced the creation of an account on Facebook he would use to communicate with his constituents. By now, it’s become clear that many of Congressman Sensenbrenner’s supporters are rather unorthodox in their political ideas.

james sensenbrennerIn the first few days that Sensenbrenner’s Facebook account was online, the messages were civil, disciplined, and fairly scripted, praising Sensenbrenner for being an accessible U.S. Representative. After that, constituent messages started to spin out into more kinky positions.

Constituent Donna Neumann wrote on Sensenbrenner’s wall that “People are still trying to get to the bottom of Obama’s place of birth! There is nothing to say he is an American from birth.” No one on Sensenbrenner’s staff has said anything to contradict this conspiracy theory.

Another constituent, Martin Moore, Sr., accused liberal mobs of disrupting health care debate, saying, “I suspect our town hall meetings will be disrputive here in Ozaukee County – not my out conservative citizens who the liberals refer to as Nazis and mobs and who dont answer to anyone as private citizens – but by their attacker – those who are being …paid to disrump (Ref Craigs List) and (notice) carrry all those identical professionally made red-white-blue signs that cleaerly show they are organzied and hence they are the mobs – not us regular citizens who just want to beheard. This is truly a defining moment in our history where we face a very real authoritarian attack agains free speech. I pray That Cong Sensenbrenner gets his chance to speak the truth and not have it twisted by some special interest liberal who wants a free ride at my expense.”

Madaline Cederle advised that health care reform ought to provide greater benefits for insurance companies: “What we need is for the government to take their regulations off of the insurance companies so they can be competitive.”

Peter Cobb worried about the 2010 census being used as a tool for socialism: ” If Barack is allowed to control this, with the help of ACORN/SEIU, illegal aliens will be counted and thereby get more representation …in Congress. This representation of course would be socialist. What are the legal or constitutional concerns about the White House take over. I believe we can all see the ramifications of having illegal aliens counted and getting more socialists in Congress.”

Increasingly, the impression I get from Sensenbrenner’s Facebook account is that he has some extremely strange voices whispering in his ear.

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on “Sensenbrenner Brings Out The Weird On His Facebook Account
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