What Compromise With A Blue Dog Gets You

Earlier this summer, Democratic leadership in the House of Representatives caved in to demands by Republican-allied Blue Dog Democrats that health care reform legislation be weakened, reducing coverage in order to make private health care insurance remain economically viable.

The Democratic leadership called it an important “compromise” that would help health care reform legislation gain passage. So, what did the Democratic leadership get in this compromise?

bobby bright blue dog democratThey got the following from Blue Dog Democrat Bobby Bright: “As it currently stands, I am opposed to the House draft health care legislation.” Significantly alter your legislation to give the Blue Dogs what they ask for, and in return the Blue Dogs continue to oppose the legislation anyway.

This isn’t the approach taken by leaders who sincerely want to pass legislation to help constituents. It’s the approach taken by politicians who merely want to sabotage their colleagues’ work in order to maneuver for publicity and influence.

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on “What Compromise With A Blue Dog Gets You
One Comment on “What Compromise With A Blue Dog Gets You

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