Why Do We Need No Bid Contracts In Homeland Security?

I don’t agree with most of the things that Tom Coburn does in the U.S. Senate, but an amendment offered by Senator Coburn seems to have made a lot of sense to me. The amendment, proposed for addition to a Homeland Security appropriations bill, would have forbidden no-bid contracts for projects by the Department of Homeland Security.

tom coburn talkingThroughout the presidency of George W. Bush, Democrats complained about no-bid government contracts for companies like Halliburton – and with good reason. A system of distributing government contracts to private companies without the opportunity for competition is an invitation to corruption.

Yet, most Democrats voted against Senator Coburn’s amendment to eliminate no-bid contracts within the Department of Homeland Security. I can’t think of a good reason why. Is it that the Democrats know they hold the purse strings now, and want to promote their own system of corruption to rival the Republicans’?

There were just a few Democrats who voted for the prohibition of no-bid contracts within Homeland Security. They were:

Tom Carper
Russ Feingold
Claire McCaskill
James Webb

A few other Democrats abstained from voting – some, like Kennedy and Byrd, because they’re seriously ill. These Democrats were:

Roland Burris
Robert Byrd
Christopher Dodd
Edward Kennedy
Jack Reed
John Rockefeller

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