The Small Mystery Of Today Congress

Tripping through the Twittersphere this morning, I ran across what looks like a relic: Today Congress.

At, the feed has 112 followers, but no updates. Today Congress doesn’t seem to be following anyone else either.

capitol building sketchThe twitter account does have a catch phrase, though: “It’s 10PM. Do you know where your tax dollars are?” By the sounds of that phrase, Today Congress was a conservative or libertarian site. A person who only regards Congress as a channel for the spending of money obtained through taxes has a rather limited political scope. Then again, it’s just a catch phrase.

There’s a companion site at as well, but it’s completely blank.

Is this an attempt at an artistic statement, to say that Congress is without content?

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on “The Small Mystery Of Today Congress
One Comment on “The Small Mystery Of Today Congress
  1. Update: Now, won’t even load as an empty page, yet the site has increased to 353 followers on Twitter. Still no Twitter updates.

    This leads me to some profound doubts about the value of judging a site by the number of Twitter followers a site claims.

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