Congressional Labor Caucus Parties Like It’s 2003

Congressional Labor Caucus: Happy New Year 2003!When looking for current membership information on the Congressional Labor and Working Families Caucus, my eyebrows first arched when I read Rep. Major Owens listed as a current member. Major Owens hasn’t been in the Congress since 2006. Checking out the latest press releases, I notice they’re from… 2003. Yep, 2003. Nominal caucus leaders Linda Sanchez, Michael Michaud and Stephen Lynch cheerily smile from the official caucus page, part of Linda Sanchez’s House website, looking somewhat ageless in their optimism.

The trio have reregistered the Congressional Labor and Working Families Caucus as an official Congressional Member Organization (CMO) for the 111th Congress. The question is, will they do anything else?

March 19 Update: The Congressional Labor Caucus website still has no press releases from after 2003… but it has finally updated its membership list to make it current for the 111th Congress. Is more to come? Stay tuned, or, er, whatever the equivalent of tuning is for the internet. Stay doing that thing.

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