Kaptur, Doggett and More Detail Added to the Populist Caucus

Marcy Kaptur and Lloyd Doggett: A Perky Pair Partaking of the Populist Caucus in 2009The Populist Caucus, started up by Rep. Bruce Braley just one month and one day ago, has gained two new members: Marcy Kaptur of Ohio’s 9th District and Lloyd Doggett of Texas’ 25th District.

What Rep. Braley’s staff lacks in proofreading (someone tell them that their fellow member is named Jan Schakowsky, not Schakowski), it more than makes up for in earnest effort, adding not only two new members this week, but also new content to communicate with the public: a page to describe actions taken by the caucus, a brief history of a prior Populist Caucus formed back in the 1980s, and links to interviews in which Rep. Braley explains the need for a Populist Caucus when there’s already a Progressive Caucus:

There are a number of Progressive Caucus members who are Populists, but the Progressive Caucus tends to focus on a broad range of foreign and domestic policies. The Populist Caucus is the only caucus in Congress devoted solely to addressing middle class economic issues. We formed the caucus because the founding members felt like there wasn’t enough focus on middle class issues in Washington, and we’re going to keep it focused on middle class issues. I think that Blue Dogs, Progressives, and New Democrats can all find common ground on middle class issues, which is why we formed this caucus — to bring people together and to expand and strengthen the middle class.

Did you hear that Bruce Braley’s interested in middle class issues? I think those have something to do with the middle class. You know, the class that’s in the middle, in a middle class sort of way.

Keep up the effort, Braley and staff, with thesaurus in hand.

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on “Kaptur, Doggett and More Detail Added to the Populist Caucus
One Comment on “Kaptur, Doggett and More Detail Added to the Populist Caucus
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