How Much Dirty Coal Money Has Your Rep. Taken?

Congratulations to Appalachian Voices and International Oil Change for creating the following widget:

Follow the Coal Money

U.S. Senators and Congressional representatives have accepted $40,404,519 from the coal industry since 2000.
Enter your zipcode to see how dirty your congresspeople are:

It’s a tool with which you can find out just how much dirty coal industry money your senator or representative in the U.S. House has taken in order to get re-elected. Just enter your zip code, and you’ll be taken to a web site where you can select one the politicians who represent you in Washington D.C., or conduct a search by name.

Of course, if you dig enough, and do enough of your own research, you can find all this information on the web site of the Federal Election Commission. That’s a lot of work, though. By doing that work ahead of time for us, Appalachian Voices and Oil Change help to bring the subject of Big Coal’s dirty influence in our national awareness.

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