Where Are Bill Young’s Solutions?

One of the most consistent talking points of the Republican minority in Congress is that the Republicans won’t become a party that just says no to what the Democrats want to do. We’re told, from congressional Republican leaders appearing on political talk shows, that the Republicans will be offering their own solutions for America as an alternative to the Democratic agenda.

That’s nice talk, but talk is cheap. Let’s see how this talk of Republican solutions measures against reality. Let’s look and see what kind of solutions an actual Republican has offered so far in the 111th Congress.

Bill YoungBill Young represents the 10th congressional district in Florida, which includes the city of St. Petersburg. He’s a politician who knows his way around Congress – he’s been in Congress longer than any Republican. He’s a former chair of the Appropriations Committee, a very powerful body on Capitol Hill. If any Republican in Congress might be a source of solutions for America, it’s Bill Young.

So, what solutions has Congressman Young offered in the 111th Congress? None. Bill Young has yet to write a single piece of legislation for this session of Congress – not even a resolution to rename a post office, or congratulate a home town football team.

If Bill Young is representative of Republicans in Congress, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for those Republican solutions we keep getting promised.


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  3. I live in FL-10 and I am sick of having no reprsentation in Congress. We have monuments to his name all over. The guy is over 80 years old. I hear he wants to replace himself with his son. Guess he wants a “legacy”. Yes I hear about all the pork this guy brings here. He won’t even give a speech here. I want some new blood representing this district.

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