Time For A New Focus On Congress

With the election of Barack Obama, power shifts to the United States Congress.

To some, this idea is counterintuitive. After all, isn’t Barack Obama the most popular politician around? Won’t the Democratic Congress support him?

Congress in GeneralYes, that’s one way of looking at it. Another way of looking at it is that after years of suffering under a divisive President, we now have a President who Americans seem to want to unite behind.

Look for the big political fights over the next couple of years to go on in Congress, with the Executive Branch mostly keeping its distance. The Congress is where Republicans see the opportunity to regain their footing. They don’t want to take on Barack Obama directly, so they’re going to wage battles in the House and Senate.

Now is a time to focus on the Congress, because there wont be another presidential election season for at least two years – and that might be quite a lackluster election, compared to that of 2008. Congress is where the action is, and we’re preparing for this busy season of legislative battle on Capitol Hill with a new redesign of That’s My Congress, aimed at making the scope of recent articles easy to browse quickly, so that you can get to what you want.

There’s the standard stuff, like categories, tags, and search capability, but we’ve also chosen a design that provides a quick summary of an article instead of the entire thing here on our front page, so you can skip by those topics that don’t interest you and go right ahead to those that do.

Let us know what you think – about Congress, and about That’s My Congress.


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  2. I can’t find a contact email address on your site so I will post this as a comment. You need to update your information on the lgbt equality caucus. Congresswoman Jackie Speier has signed on to co-sponsor 4 addtional bills on your list since you last updated it.

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