Who is Simeon Simeonov?

Yesterday, U.S. Representative Luis Gutierrez, a Democrat who represents the 4th congressional district in Illinois, introduced H. R. 7319. H. R. 7319 is an interesting piece of legislation to pass through Congress, in that it is meant to apply only to 4 individuals – to give them special preference above all other human beings in the eye of the laws of the United States of America.

Specifically, H. R. 7319 gives the special privilege to Simeon Simeonov, Stela Simeonova, Stoyan Simeonov, and Vania Simeonova of being able to claim legal status as permanent residents of the United States. Furthermore, H. R. 7319 declares that four other people from the country of the Simeonovs’ origin will be kept waiting because of this special legislation.

There is nothing in the language of H. R. 7319 that explains why Simeon Simeonov and his relatives should get special preference for immigration. There is nothing in H. R. 7319 that explains even who Simeon Simeonov is – or where he and his three privileged relatives come from.

This bears some special examination. The creation of special laws for particular people is a highly unusual and unethical event. Our nation has procedures for people who want to immigrate, including special procedures for refugees and other people who need protection because of their particular circumstances. Why should Simeon Simeonov, Stela Simeonova, Stoyan Simeonov, and Vania Simeonova not go through the procedures for dealing with such cases?

I’d also like to know why Luis Gutierrez in particular is interested in creating special immigration law just for these four people. I’ve called the Washington D.C. office of Luis Gutierrez, looking for answers to my questions about H.R. 7319. The aide who answered the phone wasn’t able to give me any information, but referred me to another aide of Congressman Gutierrez, Susan Collins. Susan Collins has yet to respond to the email I sent requesting information about the Simeonov legislation. There are no journalists reporting on H.R. 7319. No bloggers have yet examined this legislation either.

bulgarian air force chief of staffGiven the lack of informaton, I am only able to piece the following bits of information together. Simeonov appears to be a Bulgarian name. There are two prominent Simeon Simeonovs currently alive that I’ve been able to find information about. One is a Bulgarian Lieutenant General Simeon Simeonov, the chief of staff of Bulgarian Air Force headquarters, who coordinates with NATO. (Of curiousity is that the Bulgarian Air Force “official” web site should mispell the word “Bulagrian” in the title header.)

I see no reason that the commander of Bulgaria’s Air Force, and his immediate family, should be given special asylum in the United States. There is another possibility, however…

candidate for special immigration to the USAThat possibility is Simeon Simeonov, a Bulgarian venture capitalist who is currently working with Polaris Ventures, a capitalist firm with offices in Seattle and Boston, and co-founder of the mysterious Plinky. “We can’t tell you more at this point–you know how it goes–but you can sign up at Plinky.com to keep in touch,” Simeonov says of Plinky.

This Simeon Simeonov doesn’t seem like a good candidate for special immigration help either. He seems to have had no trouble coming to the United States, getting an education here, and working here with lots of powerful companies.

There is what I believe to be another Simeon Simeonov, however, and this Mr. S.S. appears to be in a bit more trouble. Six days ago, it was announced that someone named Simeon Simeonov has been accused of some corrupt real estate dealings as a member of the board of the Bulgarian company Sofiyski Imoti. If there ever was a Simeon Simeonov who was in need of leaving his country and getting special status somewhere else, it might be this guy. But, what would the connection to Congressman Luis Gutierrez be, and who are Stela Simeonova, Stoyan Simeonov, and Vania Simeonova? There’s a Svetoslav Simeonov accused in the Sofiyski Imoti scandal too – so why wouldn’t there be any request for help for Svetoslav along with Simeon, Stela, Stoyan, and Vania?

There’s one other possibility – the author of a book entitled Italia i Bulgarskata kriza 1855-1888. What is that book about? It’s all Bulgarian to me.

I’m beginning to suspect that the name Simeon Simeonov may be as common as a name like Robert Smith would be in England. Given that, I don’t think I’ll get much insight into the special immigration law for Simeon Simeonov and friends proposed by Luis Gutierrez until I get some feedback from his office or the Senate Judiciary Committee weighs in publicly on the matter.

Update: A day later, Susan Collins from the office of Luis Gutierrez still has not responded to my email on this subject.


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  2. Heard any recent activity on these four characters surfaced yet? Has anyone from the media investigated the personalization of laws by Luis Gutierrez for immirgrants? Wonder Why??

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