The Difference Between Dan Maffei and Al Franken

Al Franken isn’t just a candidate for the United States Senate. He’s a former writer, and stand up comic, and talk show host. Al Franken knows how to talk.

So why is it, with two and a half weeks since the House of Representatives made the text of the FISA Amendments Act available and then rushed it through to passage less than 24 hours later, Al Franken still hasn’t told voters whether he supports the proposed law? Why is it that, with the United States Senate scheduled to vote on the FISA Amendments Act this coming Tuesday, Al Franken still says nothing?

Dan Maffei, running for the House of Representatives in the 25th congressional district in upstate New York, doesn’t have the big money connections Al Franken has. He doesn’t have the kind of experience Al Franken has speaking in public.

Yet, Dan Maffei has had the courage Al Franken hasn’t had. Dan Maffei has spoken out against the unjust and unconstitutional FISA Amendments Act. Maffei writes,

“National security is essential to protecting our freedoms, but that doesn’t mean we must sacrifice those very same freedoms because the Bush administration fails to respect the Constitution. Granting amnesty to telecom companies would set a precedent that would allow others to arbitrarily ignore the constitution. No one should be above the law in America. Because of this I would not have supported the recent legislation.”

Thanks, Mr. Maffei, for doing what politicians like Al Franken won’t. Thanks for telling Americans where you stand.

Listen to the That’s My Congress podcast on the difference between these two Democrats.


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