Virginia Foxx Trapped in Crude Oil Time Warp

Bizarre is the world of North Carolina Republican Virginia Foxx, a member of the kooky fringe of the U.S. House of Representatives. Last week, Congresswoman Foxx took to the floor of the House to announce that: “What is a problem are high gas prices brought to us by a failed Democratically controlled Congress, failed Democratically controlled Congress, a do-nothing-to-reduce-gas-prices Democratically controlled Congress!”

The Democratically-controlled Congress is to blame for his gasoline prices? Let’s consider the basis for that statement.

Oil prices started rising around 2001 – with the Republicans in control of both houses of Congress. They continued to rise, doubling in just a few years – with the Republicans in control of Congress.

Democrats have controlled both houses of Congress since the beginning of 2007 – just under one and a half years.

How is it that Virginia Foxx believes that the Democratic majority in Congress managed to cause the price of crude oil to rise years before it actually came into being?

Representative Foxx never explained that. She just marched back to her seat, proud of firing off a volley in service of the big oil corporations.

Our latest podcast begins with this story of Virginia Foxx and continues with a courageous speech given by Representative Earl Blumenauer about the despicable FISA Amendments Act.


on “Virginia Foxx Trapped in Crude Oil Time Warp
3 Comments on “Virginia Foxx Trapped in Crude Oil Time Warp
  1. I heard Foxx ownes stock in Chevron. So, she actually makes a personal profit from these type of crack-pot remarks.

  2. Foxx’s opponent Roy Carter also invests in energy stocks. Unfortunately, he did not fully disclose his investments when he filed to run for Congress. He should fully disclose his investments and 401(k) investments.

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