Barack Obama Betrays Us And the Constitution

On Friday, we warned you about the impending vote on H.R. 6304 – the FISA Amendments Act. The FISA Amendments Act
– Allows physical searches of Americans homes and businesses without any search warrant or other evidence of a suspected crime.
– Allows George W. Bush to conduct massive widespread electronic spying against American citizens as they talk on the telephone, use the web, read email, and travel with GPS devices
– Gives retroactive immunity to telecommunications corporations that broke the law by helping George W. Bush spy against millions of Americans in secret

The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution, which clearly forbids all such surveillance, is no longer in effect. The Bill of Rights is in tatters.

The first piece of bad news we gave you is that 105 Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives betrayed their constituents and the Constitution – they voted in favor of the FISA Amendments Act.

Now we have even worse news: Barack Obama says that he will vote to support this attack on the Constitution when it comes up for a vote in the United States Senate next week. Furthermore, Obama pledged that he would keep the unconstitutional spying program against Americans going on if he is elected President. That’s exactly the opposite position that Barack Obama took during the primaries.

Barack Obama flip flops on the Constitution. I never thought I would see the day.

This is the theme of our downcast second podcast – and Barack Obama’s campaign should take note. It doesn’t matter if you carry the name of Democrat. You attack the freedoms guaranteed America in the Constitution, you lose our support.

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on “Barack Obama Betrays Us And the Constitution
One Comment on “Barack Obama Betrays Us And the Constitution
  1. You never thought you would see the day Obama shows his colors? Lot of people were saying Obama is a CFR/Bilderberg goon. WTH. People were crying out he’s just another politician paid and bought for. CFR really stuck it your rear with this one. Obama the Great Hope OMG right…….

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