Anti-Secular Anti-Islam Theocracy Law Gets 31 Sponsors in Congress

Holy theocracy. That’s what 31 members of the U.S. House of Representatives have in mind.

The 31 members of Congress that you see below have officially given their support to H.Res 598, a resolution “supporting the goals of the Ten Commandments Commission” and making a federal government campaign to urge “obedience to the commands of God”.

Haven’t heard of the Ten Commandments Commission? Neither had I, until I ran across this proposed legislation. It turns out that the Ten Commandments Commission is no meek and mild organization that simply urges people not to steal and to be honest. The Ten Commandments Commission turns out to be a religious extremist group dedicated to grabbing control of government in order to transform the USA into an exclusively Christian nation.

The goals of the Ten Commandments Commission include the following points:
– “Together, we must stand strong against the increasing movement of atheists in America.”
– “Remind our fellow citizens that we are One Nation Under God, not Allah.”
– “Obedience to the Word of God among all mankind.”
– “America is about to be destroyed by secular humanism and Radical Islam. Together we can make a stop to this.”

Imagine for a minute what would happen if the American military came under the control of a group of people who believed that it was their duty to use American government power to impost “obedience to the Word of God among all mankind”.

That’s the agenda that’s being promoted by the members of Congress you see below:

Todd Akin
Roscoe Bartlett
Brian Bilbray
Marsha Blackburn
Paul Broun
Michael Burgess
Dan Burton
John Carter
John Doolittle
Luis Fortuno
Trent Franks
Scott Garrett
Virgil Goode
Robin Hayes
Sam Johnson
Jim Jordan
Steve King
Jack Kingston
Doug Lamborn
Kenny Marchant
Thaddeus McCotter
Jeff Miller
Sue Myrick
Randy Neugebauer
Mike Pence
Tom Price
Peter Roskam
Mark Souder
Tim Walberg
Lynn Westmoreland

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