Mike Arcuri Accepts AntiWar Desire of Constituents

Yesterday, I wrote about a group of right wing Democrats who are supporting George W. Bush’s plan to continue the failing war in Iraq without a deadline for bringing American soldiers home.

This morning, I have some good news. Although most of these Democratic right wingers are still taking a pro-war position, and are perhaps being joined by the waffling Representative Gillibrand from Upstate New York, one of them has bowed to popular pressure.

Congressman Michael Arcuri has, in response to constituents angry over his support for George W. Bush’s Iraq policy, decided to switch his strategy. Arcuri is now supporting the legislation in the House of Representatives that would call for a specific date to end the Iraq War.

It’s a shame that Mike Arcuri has to be pressured into doing the job that he was sent to Washington D.C. to do, but the people of New York’s 24th congressional district are to be commended for their work to convince Arcuri that doing the right thing on Iraq is also the politically smart thing to do.

My guess is that they’ll have to keep their eye on Arcuri, and keep pressuring him to stand up to the Bush Republicans. As a Blue Dog Democrat, Arcuri has a way of sliding over toward the Republican side of the aisle.

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