Coming Soon: Pragmatic, Prudent, Practical

I read in the New York Times today that a variety of American corporations, figuring out that the Democratic Party will become the majority in the House and quite possibly the Senate, are pouring loads of campaign cash into Democratic coffers.

Soon after the election, expect a Democratic agenda to be articulated which will be associated with the use of words like “pragmatic,” “prudent” and “practical.” Not mentioned will be for whom Democratic policies will be pragmatic, prudent and practical — because to mention the benefit of corporate benefactors would itself be unpragmatic, imprudent and impractical to Democratic Party politicians.

I cannot see how this turn of events is to be avoided, unless the current form of fundraising is replaced by public financing. Expect that structural change to be resisted as itself highly unpragmatic, imprudent and impractical — and you know for whom I mean.

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