Is that a campaign promise or an insult?

Looking for information on the hot contest for the Democratic nomination to Congress in New York State’s 24th congressional district, I was struck by the following statement that was made by one of the Democratic candidates yesterday, as part of his formal campaign announcement. Apparently, the candidate, Leon Koziol, is an attorney. I wondered at how someone in a profession that requires eloquence in the courtroom could come up with language like this:

“My overriding mission in this quest to become a member of Congress is to bring dignity to the people of the 24th District. As a member of Congress, I will seek cohesiveness for this diverse district so that its residents may achieve meaningful influence in Washington and true prosperity in the Mohawk Valley, Southern Tier and Finger Lakes region.”

Is this a campaign promise or an insult? It seems that Leon Koziol is saying that he’ll serve the people of the 24th district, but in doing so, he manages to suggest that they are undignified and incoherent.

Then, I saw how Mr. Koziol intends to bring dignity to the citizens of his district: By promoting elements of the Republican right wing’s culture war agenda, attacking gay rights and a woman’s right to choose.

Did Koziol say that he is a Democrat? I wonder if that affiliation is a matter of convenience, with the incumbent being a Republican, and all.

What with the strength of two other Democrats, Les Roberts and Michael Arcuri, who have filed paperwork as candidates for the 24th district’s House seat, it looks as if Leon Koziol will be little more than a soft, but annoying, buzz in the ears of Democratic voters in the primary this September.

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on “Is that a campaign promise or an insult?
One Comment on “Is that a campaign promise or an insult?
  1. I have watched Mr.Koziol operate in West Utica since 1989. From what I have observed over the years is not very impressive to me. A Grandstander, go along with it if it is to my benefit. He probably has a scanner on 24-7 tuned into the Ambulance Channel so that he can get to the Hospital and introduce himself to a prospective clinet while the poor soul is being wheeled into to ER. The attiude that he is better than anyone one else jumps right out at a person on first meeting. A man with an agenda. He might strike someone else completely different, I could be all wrong, but I don’t think I am. I would not want this man to take the place of Rep. Boehlert. I didn’t have much use for him either. Mr. Arcuri would do a good job in place of Mr. Boehlert.

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