Bob Casey: The Democratic Leper of 2006

Senator Hillary Clinton is having to defend herself this week from charges that her donation to the Bob Casey senatorial campaign in Pennsylvania are a betrayal of Democratic values. Bob Casey is Pro-Life, and the Pro-Choice Democratic base seems to be getting increasingly angry at Bob Casey’s kid gloves approach to dealing with attacks on progressive values from the Religious Right. Democrats in New York State are calling upon Hillary Clinton to apologize for the donation.

So it appears that Bob Casey, who at first seemed invincible as a Democrat against Rick Santorum, may be on the road to becoming the Democratic leper of 2006 – a candidate that no one else wants to be associated with.

Not only is Bob Casey Pro-Life, he also supported the confirmation of Judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court. Now, Pennsylvania Democrats are wondering if Bob Casey is a Republican in donkey’s clothing, and are taking a second look at the campaign of Chuck Pennacchio, who takes more mainstream Democratic positions than Bob Casey.

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