Virginia Democrat Appeals to the Lazy Vote

Democrat Judy Feder has stepped up to the plate to run against incumbent Republican Congressman Frank Wolf. It’s a good thing too. The only other challenger to Congressman Wolf so far is Wilbur Wood, a confirmed Virginia Libertarian.

However, there’s some concern among District 10 Democrats that Feder might not have the focus necessary to win a difficult campaign against Wolf. So far, Judy Feder’s web site is small, and lacking in many policy specifics. However, she does tell voters what her main focus will be: Ease. Feder says, “As your Representative, I will have one priority: making life in Northern Virginia easier.”

Easier. What does that mean?

It’s hard to tell exactly, but Feder’s campaign web site does offer one related example of what she would do if elected to Congress: “Work to cut down the time we spend in traffic”.

It’s hardly a rallying cry, is it?

I wonder, if Feder’s campaign is aimed toward the couch potato and impatient driver lobbies, how she intends to get her supporters out of their Lazy Boys to endure the drive over to their local voting center.

One Comment

on “Virginia Democrat Appeals to the Lazy Vote
One Comment on “Virginia Democrat Appeals to the Lazy Vote
  1. Why would you morph Feder’s “ease” into laziness? Don’t you realize that commuters waste time and energy and accumulate stress trying to make their way to work and home again from day to day. Isn’t it time we had some serious representative looking for ways to make Northern Virginia’s highways less crowded and much safer. . . Not to mention the air cleaner.

    But now that you mention lazy constituents-how about those non thinking presumably uninformed people who are willing to vote for a representative time and again who takes all of his voting cues and decisions from Tom Delay 88% of the time? Are they pleased with the pharmaseutical bill, are they ready to give up social security “security, are they happy with the Federal response to the national Katrina disaster, are they thrilled with the cronyism appointments in Washington that produce one screw up afterr another? Are they intoxicated with the thought that Big Daddy Bush/Cheney may be wiretaping their private conversations?

    Give Candidate Feder a moment to launch a website in this preprimary season.

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