West Virginia Campaigns Set

Yesterday was the filing deadline for congressional campaigns in West Virginia, so now we know for sure who will be running, and who won’t.

Here’s the rundown:

United States Senate:

Democrats: Robert Byrd, incumbent. Bill Hendricks
Republicans: Zane Lawhorn. Hiram Lewis. Charles Railey. John Raese. Rick Snuffer.

1st Congressional District

Democrats: Alan Mollohan, incumbent
Republicans: Christopher Christopher Wakin

2nd Congressional District

Democrats: Michael Callaghan. Richie Robb.
Republicans: Shelley Capito, incumbent.

3rd Congressional District

Democrats: Nick Joe Rahall, incumbent.
Republicans: Kim Wolfe. Marty Gearheart.

Three Democratic incumbents, two Democratic primary contests. One Republican incumbent, three Republican primary contests.

Run, Democrats. Run!

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