The New Standard of Brian Evans

There’s a kind of political irony in the web page Brian Evans has put up to promote his works, and perhaps his new political campaign. In order to get to understand the “new standard” that Brian Evans claims to establish, you’ve got to download a Flash Player first.

A lot of flash, but what come after that? Well, who can tell, unless you’re willing to plunge right in?

Maybe a campaign for Governor. Maybe a campaign for United States Senate. Politics1 has him listed as a definite 2006 candidate for U.S. Senate against incumbent Daniel Akaka and Democratic rival Ed Case. But then, an September 2004 edition of Hawaii Travel Resources has Brian Evans as a candidate for Governor against incumbent Linda Lingle this year, quoting Evans as saying, “Linda Lingle put on a great song and dance show about how she was for the regular person. Well, I think her actions have shown all just whom exactly it’s for. I was going to wait until 2005 to make this decision, but I changed my mind. I guess that means I’m a flip-flopper… now watch this drive.”

Playing golf and making a campaign announcement at the same time? Maybe he’s making a reference to that quote by George W. Bush. Well, Brian Evans appears to be a different kind of candidate. That’s understandable, given that Brian Evans really has established a new standard in music. If you download that Flash Player at the Brian Evans website, you’ll be treated to a Frank Sinatra style lounge rendition of the Fine Young Cannibals song She Drives Me Crazy. Yes, really. Brian Evans is a politician in Hawaii, but also a well-known lounge singer in Las Vegas. Recently, he’s come out with a new album which features William Shatner in a special guest appearance – yes, that’s right: The Captain Kirk / TJ Hooker / Priceline William Shatner.

In 2004, Brian Evans ran as a Democrat against Senator Daniel Inouye, so you never know – he just might be serious. Anyone who knows anything about whatever campaign Brian Evans might be running, drop us a line here.

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