That’s My Congress!

Welcome to That’s My Congress, a new blog that is devoted to covering issues related to the United States Congress.

We’ve found in our reporting on other issues that it’s often very difficult to get basic information about what’s going on in Congress, and what’s happening with congressional campaigns. Most news organizations these days either lack interest or the resources to get out and cover the details of congressional matters, leaving most Americans very ignorant about what their representatives in Congress are doing, or even ignorant about who their representatives in Congress are.

We can’t singlehandedly fix the problem, of course, but we can be a part of the solution. There’s no way that we can thoroughly cover all the hundreds of members of Congress, or write about all of the many congressional campaigns that surge into action every two years. However, we can serve as a valuable supplement to the coverage of Congress offered by the establishment press.

Our goal is to cover what others aren’t covering, so that more information related to Congress is available, for those who care to look. We’re hopeful that, when more adequate and relevant information about Congress is available, more Americans will take an interest in their national legislature, and what their particular representatives are doing there.

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