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Representative John Boehner

Republican of Ohio District 8

Liberal Action Score: 2/100
Conservative Action Score: 0/100

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OH Office Phone: 513-779-5400

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Republican Representative John Boehner of Ohio

Rep. Boehner's Liberal Action Score: 2
The Liberal Action Score is calculated by compiling a series of measured liberal actions (both roll call voting and bill cosponsorship) in the 112th Congress and comparing John Boehner's behavior against a liberal standard:
  • Respect for constitutional protections of American civil liberty
  • Transparency and public access in government
  • Equal treatment of people under law
  • The respect and pursuit of empirical knowledge through support for science and education
  • Protection of the Earth's environmental richness
  • Strengthening of economic opportunity for all
  • Pursuit of peaceful solutions and opposition to militarism in policy
A score of 2 means that Representative Boehner has participated in 2% of our slate of liberal actions in the 112th Congress.

Liberal Actions Taken by Congressman Boehner during the 112th Congress of 2011-2012:

H.R. 471

In a roll-call vote in 2010, the U.S. Senate ended the federally-mandated voucher program for Washington DC called the “DC Opportunity Scholarships.” In this voucher program, public money was taken away from of public schools and given to private schools — 82% of which were religious schools in 2009. Studies by the Institute for Education Sciences found no difference in math or reading scores between voucher students and public school students in 2007 and no difference in math or reading scores between the groups in 2008. In 2009, there was no difference in math scores at all between voucher students and public school students, and while there was a positive difference in reading scores for voucher students, the positive difference was only for voucher students who hadn’t come from underperforming schools. There was no difference between students coming from underperforming public schools and those who stayed there. There was also no improvement shown by underperforming students who used the program. In short, there were no effects of the program at all in two out of three years, and improvement was shown in only one year, in only one subject area, and only for already well-performing kids coming from already well-performing schools. Apart from the fact that the DC voucher program didn’t accomplish its stated purpose of rescuing underperforming kids from underperforming public schools, it also used public money to send 82% of these kids to schools where they were made the target of religious indoctrination and proselytization. Many of those schools were run by the DC division of the Catholic Church, which mandates that no one may be hired who would “violate the principles or tenets” of the Catholic Church. That’s hiring discrimination on the taxpayer’s tab. Using federal taxpayers' money to support religious schools that indoctrinate children according to a particular parochial religion, that engage in hiring discrimination on the basis of religion, and that don't do any better at educating kids than the DC public schools? Who would ever think that's a good idea? The members of Congress who voted for H.R. 471, that's who. On March 30, the House voted to reinstate the old taxpayer-money-for-broken-religious-indoctrination-schools experiment in Washington, DC.

Rep. Boehner has taken a liberal course of action by voting against this bill.

Liberal Bills Congressman Boehner has failed to support through cosponsorship:

H.R. 261

Contrary to the predictions of defenders of offshore drilling, expansion of offshore drilling has done little to drive down the price of oil. Since President Obama announced that new deepwater drilling for oil will be allowed, the price of oil has gone up, not down. The cost of a barrel of oil is now nearing 100 dollars. If we want to control the cost of energy, we need diversification of energy sources, not just the same old desperate search for oil. Offshore drilling needs to be phased out, not pumped up. Given the continuing influence of big oil companies over Congress and the White House, is there anything be done to move the USA away from the dangers of offshore drilling? Yes. There are leaders in the House of Representatives who are seeking who are working to reduce the risk created by offshore drilling. H.R. 261 would prohibit new leases for offshore drilling in American waters.

Rep. Boehner has failed to cosponsor H.R. 261. After you read the bill, call Rep. Boehner's office at 513-779-5400 and ask him to support it by adding his cosponsorship.

H.R. 336

H.R. 336 is a bill that responds to incidents of financial corporations raising interest rates as many as 30 percentage points on credit card users, even when those holding credit cards keep up with their payments and aren't late sending in their checks. If passed into law, the bill would cap annual interest rates for credit cards and other lines of credit in America to 15%, inclusive of fees. Also known as the Interest Rate Reduction Act, this bill would preserve the ability of credit card corporations to make a profit while protecting Americans from usurious financial exploitation.

Rep. Boehner has failed to cosponsor H.R. 336. After you read the bill, call Rep. Boehner's office at 513-779-5400 and ask him to support it by adding his cosponsorship.

H.R. 492

It's a dirty little secret: oil companies have a special law passed that lets them off the hook for the damage caused by their regular disasters. Thanks to that special law, oil companies aren't liable for environmental and other damages over $75 million caused by their practices. H.R. 492, the Big Oil Bailout Prevention Act, would remove that cap in liability for offshore drilling disasters, so that oil companies would pay for the damage they inflict.

Rep. Boehner has failed to cosponsor H.R. 492. After you read the bill, call Rep. Boehner's office at 513-779-5400 and ask him to support it by adding his cosponsorship.

H.R. 555

There’s no better investment in our society than an investment in the education of a young child. Children who get early schooling do better later on, both educationally and professional, strengthening our nation’s economic productivity. Parents benefit too, able to work more, making contributions of their own to society, and reducing their dependence on social programs.

If parents have to pay for preschool that’s as expensive as their income, early education becomes a very difficult choice. H.R. 555, introduced this week by Dennis Kucinich, seeks to fill in that gap by supporting state governments in their efforts to provide universally affordable but not mandatory year-round pre-K school.

Rep. Boehner has failed to cosponsor H.R. 555. After you read the bill, call Rep. Boehner's office at 513-779-5400 and ask him to support it by adding his cosponsorship.

H.R. 572

As it is currently written, the Federal Motor Carrier Act does not allow states and municipalities to establish environmental safeguards for ports that are more stringent than the federal standard. H.R. 572, the Clean Ports Act, removes this impediment so communities can add environmental protections for the ports whose cleanliness and integrity they rely upon.

Rep. Boehner has failed to cosponsor H.R. 572. After you read the bill, call Rep. Boehner's office at 513-779-5400 and ask him to support it by adding his cosponsorship.

H.R. 601

The oil industry is one of the most profitable enterprises on the planet, and yet the same oil industry gets a load of special tax breaks from its friends in government. H.R. 601, the End Big Oil Tax Subsidies Act, cuts nearly $40 billion in subsidies to the oil industry, ending rewards for environmentally dirty practices and restoring some balance to the federal budget.

Rep. Boehner has failed to cosponsor H.R. 601. After you read the bill, call Rep. Boehner's office at 513-779-5400 and ask him to support it by adding his cosponsorship.

H.R. 1084

Did you know that there is an exemption for hydraulic fracturing written into the Safe Drinking Water Act? The procedure commonly known as "fracking" involves the injection of a variety of toxic chemicals into the ground in order to fracture underground shale and extract natural gas. These toxic chemicals can enter an area's underground drinking water supply or later be dumped as wastewater into America's rivers. H.R. 1084 would require the contents of fracking fluids to be publicly disclosed as needed to protect the public health, just as with other toxic discharges.

Rep. Boehner has failed to cosponsor H.R. 1084. After you read the bill, call Rep. Boehner's office at 513-779-5400 and ask him to support it by adding his cosponsorship.

H.R. 996

The problem with cluster bombs is threefold:

1. When used, they are distributed in large numbers across terrain;
2. They have a high failure rate, leaving many unexploded bombs;
3. They are small and typically shiny, disproportionately attracting the hands of curious children.

Cluster bombs are designed to kill people, not to damage buildings or roads. Like land mines, they continue to kill people long after the battle in which they were used. It is typical for a large number of these smaller bombs to remain undetonated, waiting to explode, after their initial deployment.

The Federation of American Scientists' report on the matter makes clear the danger of cluster munitions: "40 percent of the duds on the ground are hazardous and for each encounter with an unexploded submunition there is a 13 percent probability of detonation. Thus, even though an unexploded submunition is run over, kicked, stepped on, or otherwise disturbed, and did not detonate, it is not safe. Handling the unexploded submunition may eventually result in arming and subsequent detonation."

Cluster bombs kill civilians when they are used. Our government knows this, and yet our government continues to manufacture, use and sell cluster bombs to foreign countries.

The Cluster Munitions Civilian Protection Act forbids the United States government from spending money to use, sell or transfer cluster bombs unless the following requirements are met:

  • The cluster bombs are proven to have a 1 percent or lower rate of malfunction
  • The cluster bombs will not be used against anything but a clearly defined military target, in an area where there are no civilians and in places where civilians do not ordinarily live
  • A plan is submitted, with the costs included, for cleaning up all the undetonated explosives that come from cluster bombs, whether they are used by the US military, or by other countries to whom the United States has supplied the cluster bombs

There is a waiver in the law for the first requirement (for the malfunctioning rate of 1 percent or lower), in cases in which it is "vital" to use cluster bombs in order to protect the security of the United States. However, even in such cases, the President is required to submit a report to Congress which explains how civilians will be protected from the cluster bombs, and revealing the failure rate of the cluster bombs, as well as whether the cluster bombs are equipped with self-destruct functions.

Rep. Boehner has failed to cosponsor H.R. 996. After you read the bill, call Rep. Boehner's office at 513-779-5400 and ask him to support it by adding his cosponsorship.

H.R. 2665

In 2010 there were 22,000 mercenaries hired by the USA in Iraq and Afghanistan; in 2011 the number of hired mercenaries climbed to more than 28,000. By March 2011, there were more private military contractors paid by the U.S. in Iraq than there were U.S. soldiers. Jan Schakowsky, the sponsor of this bill to end the use of mercenaries for traditional military security and combat roles, explains why this is a problem:

"Military officers in the field have said contractors operate like cowboys, using unnecessary and excessive force uncharacteristic of enlisted soldiers. In 2007, guards working for a firm then known as Blackwater were accused of killing 17 Iraqis, damaging the U.S. mission in Iraq and hurting our reputation around the world. Later that year, a contractor employed by DynCorp International allegedly shot and killed an unarmed taxi driver."

Military contractors have often acted with disregard for human dignity and when they break the law have frequently used loopholes to escape accountability. The result is inexcusable, violence in the name of the United States with no calls for justice. H.R. 2665 would finally bring this physical, psychological and political disaster to an end.

Rep. Boehner has failed to cosponsor H.R. 2665. After you read the bill, call Rep. Boehner's office at 513-779-5400 and ask him to support it by adding his cosponsorship.

Rep. John Boehner has not taken any conservative action on the That's My Congress scorecard during the 112th Congress.

Recent legislative news in which John Boehner plays a part:

Democrats Are Shocked That Boehner Opposes Same Sex Marriage... Um, Like Obama...
This afternoon, Brandon English, the Digital Director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, sent out a breathless email declaring surprise that Spearker of the House John Boehner would oppose equal marriage rights for gays and lesbians. English wrote, "I was shocked to hear that Speaker John Boehner decided to use our tax dollars to intervene and stand up for DOMA to deny LGBT Americans the rights they deserve. This is discrimination -- plain and simple." It truly is terrible that John Boehner is opposed to marriage equality for gays and lesbians. If Brandon English and the other staff at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee were sincerely looking to expose politicians who oppose equal marriage rights for same-sex couples, though, they might look closer to home - at the head of their very own political party. President... [more]

Boehner Compares Corporations To Oppressed Workers
"Job creators in America are essentially on strike," Speaker of the House John Boehner declared this week. On strike? In this analogy, corporations are like American workers who are being abused by their employers to such an extent that they're collectively organizing for better treatment. The actual relationship is in reverse. For one thing, the corporations have been doing very well, economically. As the poverty rate has risen and unemployment of workers has remained high, the stock value of corporations has risen dramatically over the last two years. more]

Roll Call of the Vote on the Big Budget Cut Bill
If you look on the list of roll call votes taken by the House of Representatives that's maintained by the Library of Congress for a vote on the debt ceiling increase legislation passed by the House this evening, you won't find it. There's nothing with the word "budget" or "cuts" or "spending" or "debt ceiling" to be found there. What you will find is a vote on S. 365, a bill "to make a technical amendment to the Education Sciences Reform Act of 2002". That's because, in order to rush legislation to increase the debt ceiling and mandate immense cuts to important programs throughout our country's federal government, without many people having the chance to actually read the bill, Speaker of the House John Boehner had to cut and paste the budget bill into a... [more]

10 In Congress Sue To Stop Illegal Libya war
A bipartisan group of ten members of the U.S. House of Representatives have jointly filed a lawsuit in federal court today to stop the U.S. involvement in the war in Libya. The group, consisting of 6 Republicans and 4 Democrats, point out that it is clearly illegal for the President to take the United States into war without the approval of Congress, unless the United States is attacked first. The United States was not attacked in any way by Libya before Barack Obama took the U.S. military into armed conflict with Libya. Congress still has not provided authorization of the war, even though the American part of the fighting has been going on for almost three months now. libya war lawsuitThe... [more]

Kucinich Pledges More To Stop U.S. War In Libya
Yesterday, the vote on Representative Kucinich's H. Con. Res. 51 finally took place. The resolution, which would have required President Barack Obama to end American involvement in the civil war in Libya, was supposed to have been voted on earlier in the week, but when Speaker of the House John Boehner discovered that there could actually be a majority to pass the legislation, he delayed the vote and introduced a weaker rival bill in order to take votes away from H. Con. Res. 51. As a result of this maneuver, a majority of Tea Party members voted against this attempt return government war powers to constitutional limits. more]

Americans Elect Spins Clear Trends on Economy and the Budget into Third Way Centrism
The 501c4 corporation trying to run its own presidential nomination, Americans Elect, keeps insisting that it has no ideology: "Americans Elect doesn’t have an ideology or agenda, either." But Americans Elect just can't keep its ideology from leaking out. Check out its latest "news" post in which it rejects the "extremes" of budget policy and calls for a more "moderate" approach:
AE Delegates See Third Way on Budget Deficit Earlier this week, President Obama... [more]

Corporate Fat Cats On Strike, Says Boehner
American corporations are holding two trillion dollars in cash in their accounts. That's just their liquid money. They could spend it tomorrow, and give a job to every single American who wants one. corporate america on strikeBut, the corporations are refusing to give people jobs. They're refusing to pitch in. They're just hoarding their wealth, insisting that they won't share it with anyone else, until they get their way. Speaker of the House John Boehner is on their side. Giving... [more]

What Obama Is Asking Us To Do
The administrator of the Being Liberal group on Facebook posted the following message yesterday, to be read by the group's 44,000 members:
"(W) Call them ... John Boehner (202) 225-0600 Eric Cantor (202) 225-2815 Mitch McConnell (202) 224-2541 Harry Reid (202) 224-3542 President Obama asked us to make these calls to ask these Congressmen to Pass the Jobs Bill -- please do so."
why should liberals help Obama nowThe "Jobs Bill" proposed by President Obama would... [more]

Analysis Of House Vote Shows Program Cuts Deal Skews To The Right.
President Barack Obama and the Democratic leadership of the House and Senate have been struggling to convince rank and file Democrats that, somehow, they weren't the losers in the debt ceiling negotiations that were allowed to devolve into a debate about how to cut the budget of America's federal government. Citizens who have been paying attention to the inflationary capitulation of the Democrats to Republican demands can't help but notice that the legislation passed by the House of Representatives yesterday reduces the deficit through budget cuts alone, not with any increased revenues at all. As a result of this legislation, working Americans will have a harder time making ends meet, while wealthy Americans won't sacrifice a dime from their... [more]

Maybe Exceeding The Debt Limit Isn't Really A Big Deal After All
Yesterday morning, Speaker of the House John Boehner was cited as saying that the failure of the United States government to arrive at a deal for increasing the national debt limit by 4:00 PM Eastern Time yesterday would create terrible consequences. Specifically, Boehner worried that the Nikkei, the Japanese stock market, could take a nosedive if a deal on the debt limit wasn't reached by that time. Well, a deal... [more]