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Representative Ron Barber

Democrat of Arizona District 8

Liberal Action Score: 0/100
Conservative Action Score: 0/100

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Mailing address: 1030 Longworth House Office Building, Washington DC 20515
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DC Office Phone: 202-225-2542
AZ Office Phone: 520-881-3588

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Democratic Representative Ron Barber of Arizona

Rep. Barber's Liberal Action Score: 0
The Liberal Action Score is calculated by compiling a series of measured liberal actions (both roll call voting and bill cosponsorship) in the 112th Congress and comparing Ron Barber's behavior against a liberal standard:
  • Respect for constitutional protections of American civil liberty
  • Transparency and public access in government
  • Equal treatment of people under law
  • The respect and pursuit of empirical knowledge through support for science and education
  • Protection of the Earth's environmental richness
  • Strengthening of economic opportunity for all
  • Pursuit of peaceful solutions and opposition to militarism in policy
A score of 0 means that Representative Barber has participated in 0% of our slate of liberal actions in the 112th Congress. Representative Barber has failed to take any of the slate of liberal actions we have identified for the 112th Congress.

Liberal Bills Congressman Barber has failed to support through cosponsorship:

Rep. Ron Barber has not taken any conservative action on the That's My Congress scorecard during the 112th Congress.

Recent legislative news in which Ron Barber plays a part:

Hyperactivity and Lassitude in the House of Representatives, 2012
Some members of Congress are more active than others. Ron Barber [D-AZ-8] can be forgiven for not introducing any legislation by July of 2012 -- he was only sworn in on June of 2012 after winning a special election for Arizona's 8th Congressional District. But Jerry Lewis [R-CA-41], a veteran member of Congress, has no such excuse. Rep. Lewis has authored no legislation at all -- not even a single amendment -- during the 112th Congress of 2011-2012. Joining Representatives Barber and Lewis are the following members of the House who have introduced fewer than four bills or amendments since they were last elected: David Scott [D-GA-13], Bob Gibbs [R-OH-18], John Olver [D-MA-1], Martha Roby [R-AL-2], Mario Diaz-Balart [R-FL-21], Luis Gutierrez [D-IL-4],... [more]